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Lena Holm (40) works as entertainment manager at Elkberg Cruises, is always on the go and, on top of everything else, the single mother of Julius, a 16-year-old boy in the throes of puberty. Admired by all for her organizational talents, she is assigned to plan the wedding of Maren Elkberg (25), the daughter of her boss Björn. She only has until mid-summer to do this, for Maren has just returned from Africa with her fiancé Jakob Jansson (41), whom she met in Africa, and has been pestering her father and brother ever since with her spontaneous idea of getting married. Jakob is a doctor in Stockholm, who supports an aid organization in Africa for three months of every year. Overwhelmed by Maren’s spontaneity, beauty and openness, he has decided that it is about time to find the place in life where he belongs. This is why he is not opposed to a sudden wedding. However, shortly after his arrival in Stockholm, he meets his childhood love again: Lena Holm! Lena, however, still does not know that Jakob is Maren’s fiancé, and both Lena and Jakob feel that they are still attracted to one another – something neither of them can deny. It is thus all the more difficult for Lena when Maren, in the midst of her wedding preparations, finally introduces her to her dream man and fiancé. Soon there will be not only a wedding blocking Lena’s future with Jakob, but also the news that Maren is pregnant.