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Emilia has just landed her designer’s degree and she wants to launch her career in Stockholm soon. However, a visit to her father Caspar in the countryside changes everything.

Two years ago, Isabella, Caspar’s wife and Emilia’s mother, went missing in South America. Caspar cannot accept her death. Meanwhile, Emilia meets globetrotter Viktor in their hometown Morgon. Viktor is visiting his brother Tim.

Tim cut his studies short and wants to sell their parents‘ house to finance the boutique of his new girlfriend. Emilia, on the other hand, has her hands full with Caspar when a blurred photograph turns up that purportedly shows Isabella alive and well in South-America – Caspar hired a private investigator to search for the missing woman.

While Emilia and Viktor slowly grow fonder of each other, they both keep having to deal with the problems of their family members. Will they be able to find one another in spite of it all?