When ZDF Studios was founded it became the cornerstone of a commercial network that would contribute to the strengthening of the ZDF Group by means of timely and targeted activities, both starting new companies and acquiring interests in existing ones. In this process we adhere to the following principles:

  • The creation and safeguarding of a core enterprise with program and media independence, in view of increasing concentration in the media industry,
  • The acquisition of media expertise, especially in the sectors of production, marketing and development,
  • Appropriate and equitable involvement in added value primarily generated or initiated by ZDF, and
  • Intensification of co-operation between and involvement with major talent in the ZDF Group who have contributed significantly to the creation of the ZDF image.

To date, via subsidiaries and participating interests, ZDF Studios has been able to develop production capacities in the key program sectors of fiction, documentaries and children’s programs.

In addition, the strengthening and extension of exploitation activities has been achieved, e. g. in the music sector and the operation of PAY TV channels abroad.

An overview of the ZDF Studios Group portfolio:

Company Year of Foundation Share General Management
Bavaria Fiction GmbH 2007 Acquired interest 49 % Marcus Ammon, Jan S. Kaiser
CONTENT LADEN 2023 Acquired interest 70 % Tom Gamlich, Jan Fritzowsky
doc.station Medienproduktion GmbH 1999 Foundation 100 % Jasmin Gravenhorst
Doclights GmbH 2010 Founded 49 % Jörn Röver, Michaela Hummel
Enterprises Sonor Musik GmbH 2001 Acquired interest (Founded 1992) 49 % Rolf Moser
Fiction Magnet GmbH 2020 49 % Matthias Walther
Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion GmbH 2002 Acquired interest 74,9 % Alexander Hesse, Stefan Schneider
Intaglio Films GmbH 2018 49 % Jan Wünschmann, Robert Franke
Mainstream Networks Holding GmbH & Co. KG 2010 Foundation 26 % Tim Werner
NADCON Film GmbH 2019 Acquired interest (Founded 2012) 49 % Peter Nadermann
Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH 1998 Foundation 100 % Wolfgang Cimera, Lasse Scharpen
Off the Fence BV 2019 Acquired interest (Founded 1994) 100 % Bo Stehmeier
REAL FILM Berlin 2022 Acquired interest 49 % Michael Lehmann, Henning Kamm
Riverside Entertainment GmbH 2013 Acquired Interest 49 % Peter Schönrock, Stephan Neumann, Christian Löwendorf
Studio.TV.Film GmbH 1999 Acquired interest 50 % Milena Maitz, Falk Sanne
World Media Rights Ltd. Shareholder since 2017 36.1 % Alan Griffiths
ZDF Digital Medienproduktion GmbH 2000 Foundation 100 % Michael Kollatschny
ZDF Servicegesellschaft mbH 2017 Foundation 100 % Angela Schöneberg
ZDF Sparks 2024 100 % Dr. Pirita Pyykkönen-Klauck