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Kristina has been working as a balloonist since joining her boyfriend Erik's aviation business two years ago. She actually spends more time in the air than with Erik - from a height of 3,000 feet, her worries seem fairly small, and Kristina has plenty of them. Ever since her father suddenly passed away on a hiking trip, Kristina has had a frosty relationship with her mother, who won't let her continue to run the beloved family business, a renowned tent company. Things aren't much easier with her rebellious younger sister Rike, who spends her time recording experimental music and has also taken a shine to Erik. At the same time, man about town Paul is seeking refuge with his sister Ella, who runs a small garden centre in Kristina's town. He's facing an existential crisis since his girlfriend Linda proposed to him, and the last thing he needs right now is yet another woman in his life. Just then, of course, Kristina's balloon lands right in front of him.