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Sofia Bennert suspected that it wouldn’t be easy. In love with the young farmer Björn, she moved to Akelsund in the countryside to be with him, but as an inexperienced organic farmer and her concepts of farming in harmony with nature and selling homemade products at the farm, she has the entire village up in arms against her. In addition, she also doesn’t have it easy with her critical mother-in-law Helene.

When Sofia’s husband Björn suddenly disappears overnight from the farm, she loses her strongest backing. And that also means Björn isn’t there to extinguish the flames when the freshly constructed vendor stands catch fire. Instead, a stranger jumps in to help her carry pails of water - Paul Andersson.

What Sofia doesn’t suspect yet: The shy Paul is an acclaimed opera star who fled shortly before a recording because his voice suddenly gave out on him. He likes idyllic Akelsund, and  decides to relax and unwind there for a few days and recover. But when Sofia finds out who Paul is she has a brilliant idea: She sets up a choir with the women in the village and wants to win first prize in a singing competition, a brand-new fire engine for the dilapidated local fire department. And she wants Paul to be her choir director, because winning the competition could also finally be the breakthrough with the village residents she longs for.

At first Paul turns her down, but when he finally helps her with the choir Sofia feels a burning love for the singer. But then suddenly Björn shows up again...