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Lilith Larson comes from a clan of strong, single women, who live their lives completely free of men. How is she supposed to tell them that she’s engaged?

She also plans to stay in Stockholm with her fiancé Carl now that she has passed her law exams. First she wants to clear the air at home, but the turn of events after her arrival scuppers her plans. She meets Magnus from the rival Blomquist clan.

The patriarch of the Blomquist clan, Peter Blomquist, is an unapologetic macho and, as long-term mayor of the town, is the island’s alpha male. The Larson women accuse him of abusing his office for the benefit of himself and the Blomquist clan. After the death of his father, Peter Blomquist initiates a dispute over the Larsons' land that they use for an alternative women's retreat for vacationers.

The Blomquists turn to Rudy, Lilith's father, as their lawyer, whom she hasn't seen since she was a child. But the clan’s matriarch Iris refuses to go down without a fight. Her two daughters, Lilith’s mother Rhea and her heavily pregnant aunt Diana, spur Lilith on to enter the battle with Rudy and the Blomquists.