Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of rights can be purchased from ZDF Enterprises?

ZDF Enterprises is exclusive agent for ZDF rights. The rights available are generally rights for commissioned and in-house ZDF productions, for instance, the rights to the Little Mainz Men, Dandelion, Wanna Bet…?, heute, or Terra X.

How much do these rights cost?

In view of their unique nature, rights are highly unusual commercial objects. The price depends on the extent and intensity of utilisation, and consequently it is negotiated on an individual basis. Among the relevant criteria are license period and license territory.

What additional benefits are attached to these rights?

Awareness, popularity, image transfer, emotional appeal and the brand value of popular brands or characters.

Which rights can be obtained from the Digital Rights Department?

Rights for mobile devices (e. g. logos, brand names) and for the internet (e. g. moving images from ZDF programs, clips for youtube or other platforms).

Why does ZDF run a merchandising department?

Merchandising at ZDF is conducted:

  • to accompany, supplement and intensify the broadcast programs
  • for the viewers, who frequently ask about content and secondary information
  • to develop and support viewer bonding
  • for marketing reasons relating to the broadcaster and its program brands
  • in the interests of re-marketing rights, which provides an opportunity for refinancing program investment

How is an inquiry processed?

The procedure can be summarised as follows:

  1. Receipt of an inquiry
  2. Legal checks and clarification of intended utilisation of rights
  3. Price and contract negotiations
  4. License agreement and handling of the material
  5. Joint implementation of project by licensor and licensee
  6. After-sales service

What else can we do for you?

As a license agency we also conduct brand-building and strategic licensing of our own and also third-party rights and brands. We would be pleased to develop tailor-made licensing concepts for your concrete requirements.
Working with one of the largest television broadcasters in Europe provides a wide range of opportunities in the sphere of licensing and marketing. Just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to offer our advice!