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Julia Helström (Elzemarieke de Vos) runs a small travel agency in Stockholm with her friend Tina (Nina Eichinger). This summer, like every summer, she visits her widowed aunt Elsa (Michaela May), who owns a café on an idyllic skerry. Julia is also looking forward to finally spending a longer period of time with her boyfriend Magnus (Harry Blank), who takes care of the inhabitants on the neighbouring islands as a country doctor. While on the ferry, she discovers that Peter Garpendahl (Michael Mendl), a long-standing holiday guest at Elsa's cafe, will also be spending some time on the island this year.

But Julia is met with an unpleasant surprise as soon as she arrives: Magnus introduces his replacement for the summer to his puzzled girlfriend. The doctor and world traveller Henrik Lindberg (Robert Seeliger) is to run the clinic temporarily, as Magnus has been offered a much sought-after place on a four-week further training course in the south of France.

Disappointed, Julia seeks to distract herself at her aunt's. She encourages Elsa to finally put her plan of setting up a dance venue next to the café into action. But Elsa is hesitant. She also doesn’t know what to think of Peter’s regular visits. He’s bought himself a house on the island, where he wishes to retire. Julia, on the other hand, falls in love with Henrik against her will, but doesn’t want to give in to it, as she feels bound to Magnus. But she’s powerless against her feelings. The chaos reaches perfection when Magnus comes back from France earlier than planned, carrying his own little secret...