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Jule, who shares love-related recipes on her popular food blog, plans to move to New York to join her boyfriend, Ole. But one of her last cooking classes before her big move is giving her second thoughts about her future.

Everyone loves the cooking courses Jule offers at her mother Birthe's cooking school. Hanna and Bille are taking one of the classes to prepare for married life and starting a family. While Hanna finds Jule's positive attitude annoying, Bille is taken with her charm and spunk. But Jule's heart is set on her future with Ole.

Birthe does everything in her power to prevent her daughter from leaving the cooking school. She even gets TV chef Vincent August to take an interest in Jule. He asks her to be his partner on his hit cooking show.

Meanwhile, Birthe's other daughter, the overweight chimney sweep Lotte, has yet to find the love of her life, despite her sister's culinary relationship advice.

When Ole comes to Sweden to help Jule pack for New York, Jule must decide whether moving to be with him will truly make her happy.