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Elin Holmberg gave up a lot for love. Though she wanted to be a veterinarian, she left college in order to help her husband Filip, a successful orthopedist, in his medical practice. When her Aunt Pia, a successful horse breeder and trainer, unexpectedly passes away and Elin and her sister Rebekka inherit her horse breeding farm, her old yearnings come to the surface again.
Elin immediately feels at home among the horses, where she spent wonderful summers as a child. Her sister Rebekka, on the other hand, wants to sell the farm as quickly as possible in order to become co-owner of a company. Elin‘s husband Filip also has big plans for his doctor’s office with Elin’s share of the inheritance.

Elin is torn between her own desires and her obligations to her family. She receives advice and support from Gustav, the head horse breeder at the farm, and the vintner Magnus Olofson, who leases from Pia a parcel of land for his vineyard. His future is also at stake with the sale of the farm. When Elin learns that years ago Filip and Rebekka had a serious affair, her world falls apart.