After evaluating the brands, characters and contents of ZDF's programs in view of licensing these rights, ZDF Studios develops concepts for license marketing.

The targeted selection and acquisition of appropriate license subjects and suitable licensees or agencies as partners in the following industries is our core business and forms a critical factor in the success of the licensing process.

  • Home Entertainment
  • Publishing
  • Toys & Games
  • Stationery
  • Food & Promotion
  • Textiles & Accessories
  • Home & Living

For ZDF Studios, license planning and management often starts with the development of screenplays and storyboards for new TV formats and programs.

By working closely with the ZDF editorial departments we have access to all information about new programs at the earliest stage - thus enabling our partner to remain one step ahead at all times, participating in the creation of new trends.

This close association with ZDF in turn enables our partner to enjoy a prompt, fast-moving flow of information with regard to material and content supply, and to regulate the approval procedure. For us, license planning and management does not end with the conclusion of a licensing agreement. By maintaining regular contacts, updating information, indicating cooperation opportunities with third parties and including the license partner in joint marketing and cross-promotion activities, we constantly keep our brands up-to-date and develop them further in association with our partners.