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Eva is outraged to learn that she, her daughter Lissi and her mother Meret are to be turfed out of their apartment by its new owner, Sten Stenmark.

But Eva puts up a fight. What she doesn’t know is that Meret shares a moving past with the Stenmarks. Meanwhile, likeable architect Alban has moved in across the way. However, he unwittingly becomes a threat to Meret’s and Eva’s livelihood.

Sten Stenmark not only wants Eva and Meret to vacate the apartment, but also the adjacent dance studio as well, meaning Meret would have to give up her beloved dance school. Alban’s ex-wife and business partner Ira, who is now with Sten, has already started planning the conversion for her and Sten’s future home.

By hiding the truth, she gets Alban to help with her plans, which is then a total breach of trust for Eva. This tangled situation would be very easy to resolve if Meret came clean on an old secret. But she remains silent in order to protect her daughter.