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Grass widow Luisa has run into trouble - even her au pair has cancelled on her. Now she has to look after her children Tina and Sam herself – while juggling several jobs at the same time.
As Stefan, the father of the family, is not coming back from his trip abroad for unknown reasons, Luisa feels relieved when Ben suddenly turns up at her doorstep. Luisa mistakes him for a replacement sent by the au pair agency and Ben plays the part for a while.

But Ben is on the run. He is an author hiding from his pushy and demanding agent. As the children suffer from their father’s disappearance, it’s good to have a man in the house. While Sam has always been a little daredevil, Tina is interested in anything but school and supporting her mother.

Luisa has grown weary of men, and not only does she have to look after her business, she also works as a secretary to support her family. That’s why she refuses Mikael’s advances, an old friend of her missing husband.

Her father-in-law, Ole, a retired detective superintendent, is worried about Luisa because he finds Ben’s behavior highly suspicious. It all ends in total chaos when Stefan unexpectedly returns.