Junior's full-service offer covers every step in the exploitation chain of successful TV productions, from the genesis and content development to production, and from the sales of TV licenses to merchandising rights, online rights and much more.

Our sales specialists offer you proven, internationally successful children's and youth programs in live-action or animation produced by world-renowned partners. You'll find everything you need for children and youths of all ages as well as for every target group and every time slot.

Another major sphere of activity as established co-producers and co-financers with many years of international experience lies in developing, identifying and initiating top-quality programs and exciting new concepts that interest partners in Germany and abroad, as well as the brokering and negotiation of coproduction projects.

In the Licensing & Merchandising sector, ZDF Studios – as the ZDF's and KiKA's exclusive agent – oversees all the activities concerning the top-notch ZDF program brand world as well as the highlights from the ZDF Studios portfolio. ZDF Studios is a strong and competent partner for license holders in all product categories and markets within Germany and around the world. Working in close cooperation with its clients, ZDF Studios develops tailor-made and innovative merchandising concepts. Our program brands stand for credibility, quality, competence, high viewer acceptance and popularity. From current program highlights like "The Bureau of Magical Things", "Find me in Paris", "The Jungle Book", "School of Roars", and "Lassie" to ZDF/ KiKA classics such as "H20 - Just Add Water", "Mako Mermaids", "Peter Pan", "Wolfblood" and the little Mainz men.