The unscripted programme catalogue covers the genres of wildlife, science, history and entertainment. We market programme rights on both a national and international level and we also negotiate format rights.

Unscripted is looking for high-quality documentaries, shows and formats that can inspire an international audience as a result of their production quality and content concept. Our focus is on animal and nature documentaries, science programmes, programmes on ancient and modern history, show formats and entertainment programmes.

The titles for our catalogue are selected both independently and in cooperation with the editorial offices of the ZDF network. We work closely with producers from our own network and from Great Britain, Australia, Canada, the USA, Germany and France. Together, we look for co-production partners and co-financing opportunities within and outside the ZDF network, or facilitate the development and substantiation of initial project ideas through development contracts.

On the international market, we have become one of the top names for high-quality documentary programmes and successful show formats, and we cooperate with almost all broadcasting networks and VoD platforms.

In addition, we offer a high-quality moving image archive with around 2 million items from more than 300,000 programme hours.