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Young police inspector Lilli is sent to the remote village of Borgholm instead of cool Stockholm after graduating from the police academy. She’s in for a cultural shock in more than one way.

Lilli soon realises that law-abidance is a loose concept in Borgholm. Lilli feels she has been sent into a den of bribery, favouritism and administrative inefficiency. Luckily, she also meets attractive holidaymaker Malte.

But then Lilli’s mother Ute surprisingly comes to visit to provide moral support for her daughter in her new job. To Lilli’s horror Uta seems to be interested in grouchy Hermann Lund, the man she replaced as chief of police.

Malte on the other hand has caught Lilli’s interest with his charm. But something troubles him when he meets the son of a Hungarian diplomat Adrian Barati and his girlfriend Nena in Borgholm. Lilli does not only have to deal with the follies of the village inhabitants. She also must decide how far she can go as chief of police without endangering her burgeoning relationship to Malte.