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Everyone in Sweden knows Sylvie's self-help column, "Dear Greta." While Sylvie's wise, light-hearted tips help her readers, they don't always seem to work when she tries to apply them to her own life.

After her divorce, Sylvie and her teenage daughter move back to her hometown. On the ferry to Samlund, sparks fly when she meets charming Sven. As she soon finds out, however, Sven is none other than her sister Linnea's new boyfriend.

While Sylvie is loveable and smart, she's also somewhat neurotic and obsessed with rules and order. Though she’d moved to Samlund seeking balance and structure, instead she meets chaos at every turn.

Her daughter, Hannah, a typically challenging teenager, isn't the only one making Sylvie want to scream. There's also something fishy going on with her parents, Viktoria and Karl. Sylvie soon feels overwhelmed by the pandemonium in Samlund and finds herself yearning for the big city of Stockholm, where it suddenly seems her problems were much more manageable.