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Since his wife died three years ago Bertil Hanson hasn't been interested in starting another relationship again. Instead, he has concentrated on his work as an attorney and on his ten-year-old son Paul in particular, who is irritated by his overprotective manner. When the bright boy gets to know Britta, a nice and charming woman, via a telephone hotline, he senses immediately: She must be the right woman for his father. And so on their next summer vacation Paul maneuvers the unsuspecting Bertil to beautiful Sommerlund, where Britta lives. Naturally everything is not so easy, because although Britta thinks shy Bertil is nice, she's about to get married to Tomas, the heir to a marzipan factory. And Britta's future mother-in-law Babro wants to bequeath her shares of the factory to Britta, because she wants to get out of the business for very personal reasons. But she isn't making Britta happy by doing this, because she has completely different plans for her future. Then on top of all this Bertil's resolute colleague Maja shows up in Sommerlund and tries to get him to fall in love with her. Paul gives everything he has in this pandemonium to bring Britta and Bertil together. But he's fighting on his own, and apparently he's fighting a lost cause.