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Clara Jacobssen (Lara Joy Körner) is one of the best sports sailors in Sweden. So it's no wonder her father Mats (Volker Lechtenbrink) is a renowned builder of sailing boats. Clara has recently graduated and is to start out as an assistant at her father's boat building business. As she is planning to marry the handsome boat designer Lars (Andreas Brucker) in the near future too, everything seems to be going well for her. But Mats is keeping something secret from his beloved daughter: He suffers from cardiac problems and hires the young doctor David (Julian Weigend) as his “chauffeur”, to spend the time he is left in as little pain as possible.

Clara feels an immediate attraction to the unusual “chauffeur”. Her friend Ellen (Mariella Ahrens) tells her to follow her heart. But when Mats announces that he wants to hand over the management of his boat company to Clara at her birthday party, and has a severe heart attack shortly after, her world starts to fall apart...