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The Dawnus Torc (eps. 3)

The pack team up to bring Jana out of her slump but it’s a stern word from Matei that makes her take notice. The group go to the secret Segolia vaults to see if there’s anything they can use to track Hartington. Whilst there, Jana uncovers an ancient box containing the legendary Dawnus Torc. She is in awe of its power but TJ mocks the legend, picking the torc up and placing it on Selina for size. Jana snatches the torc back and is thrown into a yellow-eyed trance. She sees a vision of Blydissiad (a mythical wolfblood paradise) and believes that she can lead all wolfbloods there. The pack think she is losing her mind but Jana sets off on a journey, claiming the torc is guiding her.  Her friends follow, leaving Imara in the vault distracted by something she had never heard of – files on Project Genesis.

Jana tries to explain her vision again but the gang wear her down with their questions and she leaves them to continue on alone. TJ begins to feel feverish and collapses.  Selina and Matei howl for Jana who senses their distress and races back to help; she turns TJ over and uncovers an infected wound.  Inside is a tracking chip.  As she and Matei go in search of healing herbs, Selina stays with TJ who, in his fever, declares his love for her.

Jana spots Hartington spying on them. She gets Matei and Selina to help her move TJ out of his line of sight and takes Matei off to build a trap for their enemy.   The herbs have their effect and TJ comes to, telling Selina his declaration of love was a product of his fever.  They leave to help Jana and Matei trap Hartington, using the tracking chip to lure him into it.   Dangling from a tree and at their mercy, Hartington says he works for people who, like him, believe there is a wolfblood conspiracy to rule the world.   Recognising the torc, he tells Jana the truth about Blydissiad – that it no longer exists and is now Sheffield.  Jana realises her vision was ansion – a look into the past not the future.  He tells them they’d better hurry back to save Imara as his people are taking her.   Dashing into the flat, they find Imara fit and well. Hartington had played them. Imara shows them Project Genesis which is all in code.  But as she tries to de-code it, it destroys her software.   Whatever project Genesis is, Segolia didn’t want anyone ever finding out about it.