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It’s 1905. Smart, bold, 14-year-old Theodosia Throckmorton is the daughter of two Egyptologists, excavating in the Valley of the Kings. When Theo and her younger brother, invention-mad Henry, stumble on a hidden tomb and a mysterious artifact, the Eye of Horus, Theo unlocks the power to see and perform true magic. It’s the beginning of a quest for answers: Why is she the only one who can see this magic? How is she meant to use this strange new power? While Theo tries to work out what is happening to her, she discovers a new world of mystery and danger, as she finds out a secret society wants to use the Eye of Horus to take over the world. From her home in her parents’ Museum of Legends and Antiquities in the heart of Edwardian London, Theo must battle with ancient forces and dark magic as she and Henry, along with their friends, street magician Will and Egyptian Princess Safiya, try to survive teenage life, get through education and save the whole world.