In the 13 x 26’ brand-new episodes of season 2, Rhydian returns, fleeing from Alric, the wild pack leader, and sparking a chain of events which will reverberate throughout the series in which nothing and no one is quite what they seem, and Maddy must prove herself worthy of being a pack leader. Alric’s daughter, Jana, turns up claiming she wants to live life as a human; the bones of a half-transformed wolfblood are uncovered, bringing a forensic scientist into Stoneybridge; a mysterious network of tunnels is discovered, and Alric just won’t go away. Maddy and Rhydian must triumph over potential disaster again and again, confronting issues of trust, love and betrayal, but the world is closing in on their secret with heart-rending consequences for both of them. The 3rd season of this internationally successful tween drama series is currently in production and will be available for audiences worldwide in fall 2015!