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Ulterior Motives (eps. 1)

Rhydian, Shannon and Tom face a new future – and an old foe.

Shannon and Tom encounter Dr Whitewood, whose suspicions drove the Smiths away, snooping outside the house. They tell Rhydian but he’s more preoccupied with Maddy’s silence. At the school careers fair, he gets the scent of another Wolfblood: Dacia Turner, who works for Segolia, a global corporation. Dacia reveals that Segolia arranged for the Smiths to be taken off to a new life in Canada, and that some of its employees are Wolfbloods.  Shannon sees a future there for herself but Whitewood turns up at school. She’s sticking around for full moon that night. Shannon and Tom think that Rhydian must be safe because she doesn’t know about him, but Whitewood learns about him. Rhydian confronts her but Whitewood injects him with a sedative: now she’s found her ‘werewolf’, she intends to watch him transform in front of other people. But her progress is interrupted by a wolf leaping onto her car, then transforming into Dacia. Shannon and Tom find a dazed Whitewood, who’s freed Rhydian: she has agreed to work for Segolia in return for keeping the Wolfblood secret. Tom and Shannon realise that this means Maddy can return.