With many humans now fearing Wolfbloods, Jana is alerted to a mysterious anti-wolfblood conspiracy led by a man called Hartington.  In their struggle for peace with humans, she and her pack try to prove the conspiracy real, but every step they take has repercussions which threaten the stability and bond of trust between them.  They find an unexpected ally in a human who helps them discover that the conspiracy is worse than they thought, reaching into the very heart of government.   But a rival pack of disenfranchised wolfbloods, led by a familiar face, rebel against humanity, resulting in emergency measures that could end the wolfblood species for good.  Wolfbloods are faced with the ultimate dilemma.  It is time to pick a side, or run.   But Jana, still believing that Wolfbloods and humans can co-exist, won’t give up the fight.