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Still reeling from the news that government officials have conspired to steal the chip, Jana and the pack decide that they must meet Emilia and tell her to tread carefully. Emilia does not appreciate the warning, claiming that wolfbloods not humans are the superior species and that humans should know it.  Jana receives an urgent call from Jones and the leaves.  But Matei decides to stay as Emilia had promised he would learn eolas with her.   Encouraging him to be one with nature she leaves him alone to practice as she heads off with Hafren and Madoc to carry out her plan..

Jana and the pack meet Jones at Bird’s Gym.  She has found the link between her boss and Hartington.  He has been funding the “Humans” movement and has purchased a vast tract of land he has called “Blydissiad”.  As she obtained this information illegally she insists they wait until he comes out, confront him with the evidence and record his confession.    

Madoc, Hafren and Emilia rest are in the city. Emilia-wolf runs through the Town Hall and makes a speech to the council, telling them that if they want a war they can have one.  Hafren howls, calling wolfbloods to rise up and Madoc invades a news broadcast from the BBC howling into camera.   Jana and the pack at Bird’s Gym hear the wolf howls.  She knows the rebellion has started.   Hartington finally emerges and reveals the significance of Emilia’s demonstration: An emergency law will be passed.   Wolfbloods must choose: Be chipped and lose their wolf, or live wild away from humans.  Using the file Imara gave him, Enforcers travel around the city to take wolfbloods into captivity.  Jana does eolas and sees Selina’s parents being taken away.  She and the pack flee and Hartington tells Jones her career is over.  Enforcers come for Robyn in the flat above the kafe.  Katrina helps her escape out of the window.

Matei finally master eolas, joining the Outcast Pack in their celebrations and he kneels to Emilia accepting her as alpha.  Furthermore, when Madoc declares her their Dawnus, Matei says he can go one better and bring her the Dawnus torc. 

During the celebrations Madoc slips away and pulls out a hidden mobile phone.  Hartington answers the call, congratulating Madoc on a job well done.  Madoc says he gave Hartington what he wanted and now he wants what was promised in return….