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Leader of the Pack (eps. 1)

Rhydian returns bringing danger with him, and Tom discovers Shannon has a secret. Rhydian unexpectedly returns to Stoneybridge, chased by Alric, the wild wolfblood pack leader and two of his beta wolves, Arran and Meinir. Not only does this put Maddy and her family in danger, Rhydian himself seems to have changed and he doesn't want to talk about his experience in the wild. Meanwhile, Tom discovers Shannon has a surveillance camera hidden in the den and she persuades him it's for the Wolfbloods' own good - that if they get discovered, she can prove they are not monsters. Tom agrees to keep her secret. Maddy and Rhydian fall out over his volatile behaviour, but Alric and his betas have tracked them to the school during an after-school judo class. Maddy comes up with a plan to get rid of them once and for all. Rhydian lures them into the school where Shannon and Tom take digital photos of them chasing him. Maddy threatens to put them on the internet, revealing the wolfblood secret to the world. The wild wolfbloods go, saying their pack and Maddy's are enemies now. Maddy makes up with Rhydian who is going to move into her house.