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The Girl from Nowhere (eps. 2)

An unexpected arrival puts our Wolfbloods in jeopardy and Maddy must choose sides. Alric's daughter, Jana, unexpectedly turns up in school claiming that her father has banished her from the pack and that she wants to live life as a human. Maddy wants her gone but Rhydian claims it's their duty as wolfbloods to help her. Maddy, sensing something between Jana and Rhydian, is roped into helping Jana fit in, while her parents organise fake paperwork for the girl. Jana has never had to rein in her wolf before and – facing relentless abuse over her appearance from the likes of Jimi’s gang and the K’s – is liable to erupt at any time! Maddy has her work cut out. Throughout the day, Jana learns to control her wolf and, after a fight with Jimi, even gains some acceptance. Maddy is won over. But her parents want Jana gone, not believing wild wolfbloods can ever take their place in human society. They drive out to the old caravan Jana has commandeered for herself to live in and tell her to go. Jana swears she can control her wolf. Maddy and Rhydian back her up. Emma and Daniel back down, putting the responsibility for the outcome firmly onto Maddy's and Rhydian's shoulders.