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When ‘H’ symbols appear on the Kafe door, Jana knows that she needs to get to the bottom of the Humans movement. She teams up with TJ who is convinced that Hannah is to blame and might be playing Selina.  Looking for a link with Hartington, they break into Bird’s gym in order to download his emails while he’s busy holding a public meeting for the Humans group in an effort to get more people to join their anti-wolfblood cause.  Matei, asked by Imara to keep on eye on TJ,  is following close behind and eavesdrops on the meeting.   Hannah enters at the end, ostensibly to return the gear Selina ran off with the previous day.  Birdie takes her to his office where Jana and TJ have to hide, praying the USB downloading Birdie’s emails goes unnoticed.  Like Matei out in the corridor, they eavesdrop on the conversation.    Hannah questions Birdie about his involvement with Hartington.  Birdie tells her he knows nothing of Hartington, proving to our wolfbloods that Hannah also knows nothing about the conspiracy and was telling Selina the truth.

Jana calls a pack meeting at the Kafe to show Hannah the emails they copied.  They prove that Birdie lied to Hannah who is furious to have been used as a decoy and spied on. Selina is angry on Hannah’s behalf.  TJ blames his mum and is annoyed with Matei for spying on him. Matei is annoyed at TJ and Jana for going behind his back.  Their arguments are interrupted by a series of Texts taunting them.  Then Birdie phones Hannah telling her to leave.  Jana then gets a call from him.  Everyone realises they are outside, wanting the wolfbloods to wolf out and attack them so they can capture it on video on their phones.    Hannah, telling Selina this isn’t her fight, goes.  But she refuses to join Birdie.  She isn’t taking sides.   Jana calms everyone down.  She takes them outside to show their “true wolfblood natures”, calmly standing there to preach peace and understanding.   The victory is short-lived.  Wolves attack Birdie and his group.  Matei recognises one of them as his sister, Emilia, who runs off with the other wolves, her attack captured on Birdie’s phone.  

Matei runs off after her.  Jana follows.  She returns to the kafe later that night having lost track of him.   Robyn reveals that Katrina’s Grandad was responsible for contacting Birdie and giving up their location.   He tells them the kafe is now a wolfblood free zone and Robyn is sacked.  He has done this because he thinks he is protecting Katrina but she kicks him out of her flat.  

Out of town, an exhausted Matei is confronted by Hafren who tells him to follow her…