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The Six Swans

Told in a touching yet adventurous way, "The Six Swans" is the story of Constance, a miller's daughter who is willing to make any sacrifice to free her six brothers from a terrible curse.

Constance used to have six brothers, whom her father cursed thoughtlessly in a fit of anger. The curse turned each brother into a swan, and only their sister could put an end to the curse. To do this, she had to remain silent for six years and sew six little shirts made of nettles. Constance vowed to save her brothers, left her father and lived alone in the forest from then on.

One day she meets Prince Markus, who immediately falls in love with the silent beauty. Despite Queen Sieglinde’s scheming, as the Queen does not want to relinquish the throne, the couple soon marry and everything seems fine. Constance continues sewing the shirts and sticks to her vow of silence. When she finally gives birth to an heir to the throne, as dreaded by the Queen, the Queen resorts to extremes, kidnaps the child and accuses the princess of murder. Now Markus is also overcome by doubt. Bound by her vow of silence, Constance struggles to defend herself ...