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Snow White and the Magic of the Dwarfs

Opulent film adaptation of the fairy tale that is full of surprising turns and strong emotions. A courageous Snow White and a headstrong group of dwarfs take up the fight against the Queen.

For many years, the vain Queen has hidden her stepdaughter from the world. When the Queen wants Snow White to marry the rich Count Sebalt against her will, however, everyone sees that Snow White is more beautiful than the Queen.

The Queen cannot bear this and gives her brother Gilig the order to murder Snow White. But Snow White escapes with the help of the dwarfs. They live hidden in the forest, where they use their breath – the mysterious life force inherent in nature – to create magical objects. They also made the magic mirror that always tells the truth for the Queen, who took this mirror away from them.

Tormented by her fear of growing old, the Queen gives the leader of the dwarfs a new mission: The dwarfs are to make her a wig that will give her eternal youth and thus secure her reign. Snow White decides to take up the fight against the presumptuous Queen.