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When Mowgli claims that he is a part of wolf pack, after rescuing Tabaqui from a trap, Phaona decides to teach him a lesson with Masha’s honey that makes Trikki go crazy. Enemy in disguise, Phaona prompts Mowgli to eat the honey after which he starts saying that he is the king of the Jungle. Mowgli makes fun of Baloo and Bagheera which seems odd to them and they decide to follow Mowgli who is on a quest to claim his title as the King of the Jungle. On the other side, Raksha, Akela, Phaona and the other wolves are astonished with Mowgli’s behavior. Shere Khan with the help of conniving Tabaqui has his motives to trap Mowgli and erase him from the face of the earth. Tabaqui acts like he got trapped again and asks help from Mowgli who denies it and challenges Shere Khan. With the help of Baloo and his herbal leaves Mowgli comes back and apologizes to everyone.