Twelfth century Normandy. After the death of Robert the Magnificent, his son William, who is the contested heir to the throne of Normandy, manages to find refuge in the village of Baligan. In order to escape from the lords seeking to eliminate him and replace him on the throne, William assumes a new identity, that of a simple peasant boy named Hugo.

Taken in by Cecile’s family, Hugo must be careful not to attract any attention from Lady Neel, the sovereign leader of Baligan, as she has tasked her head guard with tracking down the boy and preventing him from succeeding to the Norman throne. When Hugo meets the old witch Algythe and discovers her knowledge of Runes, another facet of his destiny is revealed to him. He must renew the spell cast by his ancestor Rollo – a spell that ensures that Loki, the god of chaos, is kept imprisoned in Baligan’s cave.

Thanks to the help of his new friends, the teachings of the old witch and especially his own will and courage, Hugo is revealed to be increasingly worthy of his destiny as the Chosen One.