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When Bagheera is lodged with a very poisonous thorn deep in his paw, Baloo tell Mowgli that the only way to stop the poison from spreading is from Frangipani flowers which can be found in Harjit’s territory (hoping that he’ll allow them to get the flower). Mowgli tells Bagheera that he’ll be fine in no time and then he and Baloo leaves for Harjit’s territory while leaving Kaa as Bagheera’s care taker for the time being who teaches him Kaa-yoga to nurse him back to health. When Mowgli and Baloo reache Harjit’s territory, he doesn’t let them through for the flower. Mowgli comes up with an idea of distracting Harjit by using a fern like tail for Miss Honey Badger. While Mowgli distracting Harjit, Baloo takes the Frangipani flower and runs off to Bagheera who is struggling in kaa’s coils. Baloo swats the serpent down and apply the Frangipani flower on Bagheera’s paw. On not finding his Badgerina anymore, Harjit’s is distraught. Meanwhile, Mowgli reaches the friendly area and sees that Bagheera is feeling better. Baloo reminds Mowgli about the tail and it lands inside Kaa’s mouth who goes away angrily. When Harjit finds Kaa with the fern in his mouth thinking that he ate his love, Harjit gets angry and beats Kaa up. Mowgli on seeing this, tells him the entire truth and he doesn’t believe Mowgli and instead he goes searching for his Badgerina.