Zoom - The White Dolphin

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Yann, an intrepid 15-year-old, and his little 7-year-old sister, Marina, live with their Uncle Patrick, an oceanographer, on the paradise island of Maotu, in the Pacific Ocean. Yann has formed a bond of friendship with Zoom, a white dolphin of exceptional intelligence, who takes him through many thrilling adventures.

When he needs help, Yann can always count on two other faithful friends: Timeti, a young Polynesian girl whose dream is to become a shaman, and headstrong Auru, the son of the village chief.

Together, they discover the many legends that shroud the island of Maotu and strive to protect the region’s fragile ecosystem, while confronting a host of threats, not only from the billionaire Van Krook, who is seeking to take over the island, but also the mysterious Terrence Werner, a lawless and unscrupulous businessman who roams the seas aboard his powerful submarine.