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A new lady bear, Bela, is in the jungle and Baloo is has fallen hard for her. She finds Baloo very impressive and asks for a little stride in the jungle. Mowgli doesn’t like the new bear and he can’t help but follow the two around. A series of events happen which put Baloo’s life in danger but Mowgli is always around to rescue him. Baloo is unhappy with Mowgli following them around and asks him to leave them alone. A visibly upset Mowgli overhears Bela talking to Sher Khan and realizes that the two are hatching a plan to get rid of Baloo. Mowgli then paints Bageerah’s face yellow and tricks Bela into believing that he is Sher Khan. Bela confesses that she has taken care of Baloo, who is stuck in a log. It is then that Baloo realizes that Mowgli was right about Bela. With the help of Bageerah, Mowgli sets Baloo free and together all of them attack Sher Khan who finds it safe to run away. As for Bela, Baloo asks her to leave not wanting to see her face again. Baloo apologizes to Mowgli for being rude and gifts him a honey comb in return.