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Meet Grisù, the first fire-fighting dragon. And always ready for his missions around the world!

Grisù is a little dragon who dreams of becoming a firefighter. Even if there’s no job available at the fire station, he is always ready to help! He travels the world to accomplish his missions because, as he always says, Firefighters never give up! His Father Fumé doesn’t understand his son’s vocation. Dragons breathe fire! So why can’t Grisu just give up this crazy idea?

But every day, Grisu goes to see the fire chief David, his best friend Stella’s father, to check if there is a job for him at the fire station. Unfortunately, all positions are filled… However, David finds him another role. And the small dragon puffs out his chest – “I’m always ready!” – and helps out as a shepherd, cook, florist, archaeologist, pilot or even a sailor!

Grisù puts more into the job than anyone else by using his energy and his ‘touch’, which always brings an unexpected twist. When the situation gets complicated, Grisù’s emotions overwhelm him… he can’t help releasing a little spark which makes things worse... In these moments of doubt, Grisù knows how to draw on his heroic spirit – ‘firefighters never give up’! At the end, one thing is sure: Grisù is going to be a firefighter!