screenable online: 8 episodes

INUI is a series about playing and having fun adventures in the Arctic. Inui, a little Inuit girl, loves the snow, grew up in the Arctic Circle and knows how to keep warm and have fun in the coldest temperatures. Her friends Crackpot the Caribou, Grouchy the Polar Bear and Lady Penguin are as at home as she is in the snowy wastes of the far north. Lady Penguin, of course, is not a native but has travelled from the other side of the globe. They set out every day to play the sort of games you could only play in the snow and ice.

This is a series about a child’s imagination of the polar region and the sort of fun you might have there. This is not a world of permanent darkness and frostbite but rather somewhere you can slide, throw snowballs, build snowmen and gaze in awe at the northern lights.