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Chota, a young cub and his mother Canada, are near the waterfalls. Chota is busy running after a butterfly when he falls into the river below. Mowgli hears the cries of an animal and rushes to rescue it. He realizes it’s a baby tiger and takes him to Baloo and Bageerah. Mowgli goes out to keep Chota in the Wolf’s liar while Bageerah and Baloo go out in search of the mother. Meanwhile Tabaqui tells Sher Khan that there is another tiger in the jungle who is a friend to Mowgli. Sher Khan sets out in search of the tiger as he can hunt down and finish Mowgli once and for all. As Sher Khan chases after Mowgli, Mowgli asks Darzee to inform Bageerah and Baloo that he is going to the Misty Valley instead of the Wolf’s liar. The mother finds Bageerah and Baloo and attacks them as she gets a scent of her cub on them. They tell her that her cub is in the misty valley. The mother rushes there and has a fierce fight with Sher Khan. In the end, Mowgli sets fire to Sher Khan’s tail and the tiger has a run for his life. Chota goes back to his mother and the two leave the jungle to move to another place.