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The season of baby turtles hatching is near and Boo and Oo wish to see it. They are, however, late as they stopped to eat the juicy leaves and they regret it now. Mowgli wants to see the hatching too and decides to help Boo and Oo to reach on time. They decide to run and keep to the banks of the river and avoid the river as Jakala might attack them. Boo and Oo can’t keep pace and Mowgli decides to get them on sledges which will be pulled by Bala and Lali. Unaware about a floating log in which Jakala is sitting to get a chance at Mowgli and the others at the bank, they continue to run towards their journey. Once they reach the island, they have to swim to the other side to see the hatchings. But Jakala is in the river and Mowgli, Bala and Lali can’t go in there. Boo and Oo offer to be the stepping stones as Jakala doesn’t eat turtles. As they jump along, Jakala comes out to snap at them and just misses Bala. Mowgli jumps into the water to save the two wolf cubs and tries to lure Jakala towards the waterfall. With Boo, Oo and Bala and Lali’s help Mowgli is successful in getting Jakala at the bottom of the waterfall. As they finally reach the sandy banks, they see small shifts in the sand which turn into heavy movement resulting in small heads popping out. Slowly and steadily hundreds of baby turtles start moving towards the water.