Rudyard Kipling’s most loved characters come to life in The Jungle Book 104 x 11’ series with 52 brand new episodes and 60 minute Television feature for ages 6 to 10. It narrates stories of the man cub Mowgli who was raised in the Indian jungle by a pack of wolves. Drama, excitement and adventure mixed with a high element of comedy tells the tales of Mowgli, his beloved mentor, Baloo, the wise bear, Bagheera, his panther buddy and the lazy rock-python Kaa. Together they take on the tiger evil Shere Khan who is out to get Mowgli. His adventures open out in the lush tropical forest of Seeonee amidst splendid Indian royal forts, temples, waterfalls, the Waigunga River and many other picturesque locations. Throughout the series other characters from Kipling’s jungle stories add drama, comedy and action to top quality animation and story-telling.