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Baloo is teaching Mowgli, Bagheera and Chota trick on rescuing themselves from the coils of a snake. Chota sees a spider just above Baloo’s head and loses focus when Baloo asks him a question Mowgli comes to Chota’s rescue. While demonstrating, Baloo almost strangle himself in the liana, Mowgli and Bagheera help him while forgetting all about Chota who is now more involved in the spiders’ activities. When Chota sees that the spider got down from the tree and is going somewhere, he follows. The spider goes into a hollow stump and Chota, who follows it, gets stuck and ends up with his rear legs waggling in the air. When Chota manages to free himself, he looks around but cannot see the spider. Darzee now flies over Chota. The little tiger smiles and looks as if he takes this as a challenge. He follows Darzee in silence. Baloo, Mowgli and Bagheera are now looking for Chota when Darzee comes up to them and says that there is a big tiger in the Jungle. On inspecting the paws, Mowgli realizes that it’s Chota. Meanwhile, Chota continues on his adventure to scare everyone including Ikki and the monkeys. Tabaqui watches all his silently and pretends to be scared of Chota. Tabaqui tells Chota that he’s someone who isn’t afraid of him, Chota takes this as a challenge and goes with Tabaqui when Mowgli gets to know this, and he immediately goes into same direction as Chota and Tabaqui. Tabaqui leads Chota into Shere Khan’s lair where Shere Khan indulges in a little fun before making Chota his dinner. Mowgli enters the Lair and charges at Shere Khan by pulling his whiskers and runs away. With Chota on his shoulder and Darzee flying overhead, Mowgli leaps from vine to vine all the while Shere Khan and Tabaqui chasing them. Mowgli looks for the bee-hive at the end of the branch and throws the branch at Shere khan. All of a suddenly the bees comes out and swarm around the two animals and they run off. Chota apologizes to Baloo for not taking his lessons seriously and they all laugh.