Ziggy and the Zootram

screenable online: 6 episodes

Ziggy and the Zootram is a 3D animated series for upper preschoolers. It’s about a group of animals who live in a small zoo and who have a very special secret. They go home at night!

Every afternoon when the zoo closes, Ziggy the Australian freshwater crocodile and his friends Miss Emily the elephant, Lionel the lion, and the others, put on their clothes and get on the tram. It carries them across land and sea, to their village on a remote island. The following morning, they gather at the tram station, greet each other, and board the tram. But on every trip - and sometimes before they even leave - something unexpected happens to turn the journey into a hilarious adventure… When they arrive at the zoo - by a secret underground passage - they shed their clothes and quickly get back in their cages. There they spend the day pretending to be wild animals for the benefit of the visitors who have no inkling of their secret double life. All aboard!