screenable online: 6 episodes

It's summer in Muddlemere, a tranquil little town right on Muddle Lake. Wild animals have made themselves at home here, not in direct contact with humans, but close enough to enjoy the comforts of civilisation. When they are caught seeking food and shelter in rubbish bins, gardens and garages, Wendy the vixen, Grumpf the boar, Kevin the marten and many others regularly come into conflict with the residents of Muddlemere and their pets. And right in the middle of the gang is Törtle, an exotic creature. As a tortoise who grew up in a pet shop, he is neither a pet nor a wild animal. Because he has plenty of time to observe people and animals very closely, he understands their behaviour and finds solutions to their conflicts that you wouldn't expect from a slow creature like Törtle. In every episode Törtle gets caught up in the culture clash between humans and animals, but always emerges as the unexpected hero.