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For the first time in 20 years, the successful corporate consultant Sandra Cale plans to attend a college reunion in her Cornish hometown. And she’s not planning to go alone.

She proudly announces to her mother Mary that she’ll be bringing company. Her boss Peter, with whom she is having an affair, will join her – as soon as he’s broken up with his wife. But shortly after she arrives in Cornwall, he backs down.

Enraged, Sandra decides to return to London. At an ATM she seems to be the victim of an attempted robbery. Luke, one of her former classmates, clumsily comes up behind her and is then surprised by a dose of pepper spray. To make up for it, Sandra buys the now successful photographer a drink. Despite their disagreements in the past, they decide to act as if they’re a couple at the reunion.

Their former classmates are surprised about the news. Especially Sandra’s oldest friend Kate has mixed feelings about this unexpected liaison. She has been together with Luke’s childhood friend Daniel since they finished high school, but also had a short affair with Luke. But neither of the men knew about this rivalry.

Luke and Daniel have also shared a secret for 20 years: They kept the money they won in the lottery back then, although they should have really shared it with all the graduating students. Now an unknown person is blackmailing them because of this.

After her charade at the reunion, Sandra wants to come clean the following day. But then she receives some shocking news from Mary, and seeks comfort in Luke’s arms.

Motivated by the apparent happy ending for their college friends, Daniel proposes to Kate. But she doesn’t fall into his arms with joy as he expected. Instead, she tells him she needs to speak to him, and what she says will put the friendship of all four to the test.