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Oscar is Sienna's dream man. But when the successful Bristol lawyer gets a surprise proposal, she hesitates.

The reason is simple: She's already married to a pub owner in Cornwall. Though Tyler was her first love, Sienna left him seven years ago after he had an affair. But Tyler refuses to accept her request for an official divorce.

Without telling Oscar about Tyler, Sienna travels back to her small hometown. She's ready to go to extremes to convince Tyler to go through with the divorce. In Cornwall, Sienna meets Ivy and learns the reason for Tyler's reluctance: Ivy is his daughter, the result of his affair with Naomi. Naomi has since died under tragic circumstances, and in order to keep custody of his daughter, Tyler has to be able to prove he's happily married. If he can't, Ivy's grandmother, Deborah, will seize custody and take Ivy with her to the USA.

Sienna makes a deal with Tyler: She'll play along until Deborah goes back to the USA, and then they'll get divorced. With the energetic support of her parents, Ginger and Larry, Sienna and Tyler succeed in leading Deborah to believe their marriage is happy and functional. That is, until Deborah's lawyer, Oscar, shows up in Cornwall.

Despite Oscar's efforts to placate his client, the custody case ends up in court. As the fight for custody continues, Sienna realizes that the little family means more to her than she's willing to admit. But can she forgive Tyler for his actions in the past? Or will she be happier choosing a drama-free future with Oscar?