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On the way to meet his mother in his vintage car, Bruno has a breakdown that will change his life forever. He suddenly finds himself face to face with Sophie, a woman he was once madly in love with. She vanished without a trace after one passionate night, and still wants to have nothing to do with the young car mechanic: she is now engaged to someone else.
Bruno’s parents, Don and Theresa, run a family-owned hotel. After his older sister suffers a fatal accident on a trekking holiday paid for by their father, Bruno is now in line to take over the family business. But Don has not only jeopardised his marriage by having an affair with a young hotel employee, he has also fallen for the fraudulent schemes of fund manager George Grand and lost all the money they own. Even though the pain of their separation is still raw, Theresa and Don have to find a way to get along if they ever want to see their money again.
Whilst Don and Theresa join forces with Eleonore Richardson, who has also been cheated out of her savings, to try and beat George at his own game, Bruno accidentally discovers the identity of Sophie’s fiancé when his parents and Eleonore bring him on board to help them track Grand. Bruno is also appalled to learn that the pair’s wedding is set to take place in his own hotel. Despite his devastation, Bruno still fights to save the hotel together with his parents … and he is even given a surprise helping hand from the woman of his dreams.