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Successful model Jessica Marsh and her fiancé, career-driven corporate lawyer Oliver Barnes, are the envy of London society. Jessica's happiness would be complete if Oliver could finally bring himself to propose and start a family with her. But Jessica's ideals of marriage vows and fidelity are antiquated in his opinion.

While scouting locations for a photo shoot in Devon with her aunt and godmother Bridget, a photographer, Jessica meets the mysterious organ builder Max Ryman. Max instantly falls in love with the charming young woman, and Jessica, too, finds it hard to resist his charm and magnetic charisma. She does, however, have a word with herself - after all she's happy with Oliver.

At the same time, Oliver is being offered a position to represent his law firm in New York. His boss strongly suggests he marries Jessica to acquire a more prominent social standing. A famous model by his side would open all kinds of doors into distinguished New York society.

Unaware of this, an overjoyed Jessica accepts Oliver's unexpected proposal. But the first cracks already appear during the wedding planning. At the ceremony at the romantic village church in Devon, Jessica wholeheartedly vows to love and support her husband, for better or for worse. Oliver promises the same, albeit less convincing. Shortly after the wedding, he starts and affair with his colleague Katie Conners. Katie sets up a cunning ploy so that Jessica surprises them in a compromising situation.

Deeply hurt, she runs away to stay with Bridget and her boyfriend Humphrey in Devon, where she also renews her acquaintance with the man whose destiny is inextricably linked to both Oliver Barnes's and her own - Max Ryman.