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Anna Williams unexpectedly meets the attractive attorney Peter Morisson while selling her boat. In their youth they had a short, passionate affair in Australia. They may have lost sight of each other since, but they have never forgotten one other. Now that they have found each other again their feelings reignite. Anna and Peter decide to see each again. But then a disaster announces itself in Anna's family...

The very young Evita suddenly shows up at the home of Louisa Holmes, Anna's mother. She's the daughter of Louisa's husband Ernest and his young lover. Shocked by this encounter, Louisa has a car accident and now requires constant care due to her injuries. Her son Winston, Anna's younger brother and a "mama's boy," takes care - as always - of everything. But Anna also feels obliged to lend a hand, seeing that her mother lives alone on a big estate. This also means that she doesn't have much time for Peter.

Evita had gone to England after her mother died in order to search for her father Ernest Holmes, who had disappeared. Many years ago he had traveled to England to divorce his wife Louisa, but never returned. Evita has hired an attorney - Peter Morisson, of all people - to file a claim in court for the child support she has a right to. At first he doesn't suspect that the case has anything to do with Anna's family. Although Peter first wants to clear up all the facts, he can't prevent Evita from going it alone and aggressively entering Louisa's life and home because she thinks she will run into her father there.

When Louisa vehemently rebuffs Evita, the young woman decides to seek revenge for this. A coincidence promptly provides her with an opportunity: The remains of a human skeleton are found during work in Louisa's yard. The police are summoned. Overzealous Police Inspector Hinchley believes he has the case of a lifetime. He accuses Louisa of having murdered her unfaithful husband. Evita believes this too, and she makes sure that the case is reported by the local press. When even Anna and Winston have their doubts about their mother's statements, Louisa is forced to reveal the secret she has been guarding for a long time.

During all of these events, Anna discovers by chance that Peter is Evita's attorney. Disappointed and furious, she accuses him of only becoming romantically involved with her in order to spy on her family. Peter is deeply hurt and, with a heavy heart, he keeps his distance. But he can't stop thinking about the case, and he starts investigating on his own - thereby making an unexpected discovery.