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The idyllic village St. Mark is in need of a new country doctor. Dr. Nael Rayan is the only applicant. Of all things, he is the great love of Helen Thomson who is also the voluntary mayor. However, their love affair ended unfortunate. Helen is going to marry the village’s Reverend and therefore, she tries to prevent Nael’s hiring. However, Lord Hurrleton, the hypochondriac landlord of the medical practice, is in desperate need of a physician. Nael takes over the practice and furthermore, he is convinced by Helen’s best friend Donna to take part in the Reverend’s play. During a rehearsal, Nael and Helen are supposed to kiss each other. Both of them notice that they still have feelings for each other. When Nael reveals that he is in love with Helen, she breaks the engagement with Edward, and Helen and Nael spend the night together. On the next day, Helen experiences an unpleasant surprise when she meets Nael’s wife. Nael has difficulties to explain himself. He tells Helen, that he only married Jasemin because she was his dead brother’s widow and she and her daughter needed someone who could take care of them. Helen is shocked but willing to come to terms with Nael’s wife until she encounters Shirin, another wife of Nael. Shirin is accompanied by her father who shall not know that his daughter loves women. One doctor and three women – that is way too much. Not only for Helen, but also for the St. Mark’s citizens. A disaster is already developing, so Helen decides to leave St.Mark and her great love for ever.