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Amy Truman has a problem: She has just messed up the second job she has had during her probationary year as graduate of the famous nanny school in Boldham by throwing chips at the paparazzi.

Now she only has one remaining chance to successfully complete her training. Provided she doesn't want to waste her mother’s inheritance, which is what forced her to train as a nanny despite her lack of enthusiasm for the role.

Ryan Rushton also has a problem: After completing his oenology studies at the university in Cape Town, he has returned to Cornwall. His father Andrew has had a stroke and is not currently able to run the family estate and stables. The biggest problem, however, is Ryan's younger brother Noah, who is autistic and needs constant supervision.

So Ryan decides to look for a nanny for his brother, and this nanny ends up being Amy. Which certainly does not mean that they are in agreement as to how Noah should be treated. Quite the opposite – they argue about it right from the very get go. Thanks to Amy, however, Ryan becomes closer to his brother every day, and as a result, to Amy too.

Ryan’s South African fiancée Kristin Myers does not like this one little bit. She hopes Ryan will sell the estate, so that they can quickly return to Cape Town to finally realise their dream of owning their own vineyard.

There is someone else who is not pleased to see Amy and Ryan getting close: Lisa Browning, Amy’s instructor and her mother’s friend. Over 18 years ago, Lisa Browning herself was nanny for the Rushtons when the mother was ill. This ended up with her and Andrew sleeping together – a night that was not without consequences.

Amy does not realise that Lisa wants to protect her from experiencing a similar, painful love affair. Only when Andrew's health changes dramatically for the worse does Lisa decide to travel to Cornwall to face her past and joint responsibility.